ProServe Bartending - Professional Service Training
 It doesn't matter if you are a total beginner or someone with a desire to increase your skill set, ProServe Bartending will give you the tools to start down the path to becoming a craft bartender. 

Learn the bottles, the glassware, the jiggers and the juice. Learn wine service, "boat drinks", current restaurant and bar cocktails and get a proper history lesson with the ProServe Bartending School.
The introduction class (Day 1) is 3 hours long and covers all the basics, including set-up, preparation, popular and restaurant drinks.  You will learn all the major drink types, liquor families and how to make, garnish, glass and modify cocktails.  

The advanced bartending class (Day 2) is an addition 3 hours of classroom time and covers craft bartending, craft beer and selling wine.  Fresh squeezed juices, simple syrups and other pre-prohibition cocktails.

ProServe trains students as if working for a restaurant or bar.  We do the training that bars and restaurants get for their employees (usually from us!).  Even at a management level...get on an equal footing with your bartenders, with the ability to ask better interview questions and produce relevant training.
Don't just learn to serve alcohol, learn to SELL alcohol.
No experience necessary!
Begin a new career and start making money is as little as one week with ProServe Bartending.  

ProServe Bartending Wine Bar School 
ProServe Bartending School
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